Booklandia Boxes

For over 5 years Booklandia has been sending Booklandia boxes to familias in the US and Canada.

We have boxes for every family who wants to build their child's library with anti-racist and representative Spanish and Bilingual books.

Our customers either speak Spanish at home or are learning it.

Bilingual Book Boxes and Combo Book Boxes are best sellers giving families the opportunity to share their love of books with their children.

Booklandia Boxes are perfect gift items.


Please note we are no longer offering subscriptions.  Your purchase will be for one-time.  ¡Gracias!

Booklandia Bilingual Mini Box $18.95 USD
Booklandia Spanish Mini Box
Booklandia Spanish Mini Box $18.95 USD
Booklandia Board Books Box
Booklandia Board Books Box $27.95 USD
Bilingual Picture Books Box
Bilingual Picture Books Box $31.95 USD
Spanish Picture Books Box
Spanish Picture Books Box $31.95 USD
Spanish Chapter Books Box
Spanish Chapter Books Box $26.95 USD
Gift Card
Gift Card from $25.00 USD