Miles Morales: Great Responsibility

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrated by David Marquez & Mark Bagley

Published by Marvel

Ages 10-13

Published on February 25, 2020


Spider-Man no more? None of Miles Morales' incredible powers could prevent his mother's death, or spare his father from a life-changing injury in a brutal fight against Venom. Miles is convinced that he caused the tragedy - so in an emotion-filled decision, he has put away the costume, swearing never to fight as Spider-Man again! But when two new super-powered teenagers, Cloak and Dagger, emerge and the Taskmaster breaks up their fight with the juvenile delinquent Bombshell, innocent lives are at stake! It's a job for someone with great power and great responsibility...but will that be Miles? And if he returns to the suit, will it be just in time for his whole universe to face Cataclysm? Plus, a celebration of the life of the Ultimate Peter Parker!



0.5" H x 9.0" L x 6.1" W (1.1 lbs) 240 pages

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