Las formas: Tralalarte

Este libro es una herramienta ideal para que los pequeänos de la familia tengan su primer acercamiento al arte con ayuda de Piet Mondrian, Thâeo van Doesburg, Robert Delaunay, Sophie Taeuber y Vasili Kandinski. Por medio de un ingenioso mecanismo de papel que les permitirâa jugar con los elementos de las imâagenes descubrirâan algunas de las formas geomâetricas que conforman obras emblemâaticas de cada pintor." --

This book is an ideal tool for the little ones in the family to have their first approach to art with the help of Piet Mondrian, Théo van Doesburg, Robert Delaunay, Sophie Taeuber and Vasili Kandinski. Through an ingenious paper mechanism that will allow them to play with the elements of the images, they will discover some of the geometric shapes that make up emblematic works of each painter.


Sandrine Andrews is a historian, art critic, curator, novelist, author of several art titles, and editorial director. She studied at the École du Louvre and worked at the prestigious Sonnabend art gallery in New York as an editor. She regularly contributed to the art magazines Cimaise and Dada, the latter for more than 10 years. In her eagerness to bring art closer to the general public, she created a traveling art gallery called Les Petits Pois Sont Rouges that aimed to support the work of children's book illustrators, including herself.


Escrito por Sandrine Andrews

Publicado por Oceano Travesia

1 de julio, 2021

Spanish Board Books

Edades 2-5

0.8" H x 6.7" L x 6.7" W (0.75 lbs) 10 pages


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