Kutu: The Tiny Inca Princess/La Ñusta Diminuta

Escrito por Mariana Llanos

Illustraciones de Uldarico Sarmientos

Publicado por Purple Corn Press

Trilingual: Spanish, English and Quechua

Signed Copy

Kutu is a one-of-a-kind princess: she is the size of a cob of maize! When the city of Cusco, her home, is devastated by a terrible drought, Kutu goes on an adventure to bring their water back. Based on the Inca culture, Kutu is a multicultural and multilingual (English, Spanish, Quechua) story about perseverance, courage, and love for one's family. Written by award-winning Peruvian author, Mariana Llanos, and illustrated by Peruvian artist and scenic designer, Uldarico Sarmiento.

**An HONOR WINNER at the Campoy-Ada Premios a la literatura infantil y juvenil** 

**KUTU es un libro galardonado por los Premios Campoy Ada a la literatura infantil y juvenil!** Kutu es una princesa del tamaño de una mazorca de maíz. Cuando la ciudad del Cusco, donde ella vive, es devastada por una sequía, Kutu empieza una intrépida aventura para salvar a su pueblo. Escrito en inglés y español, y salpicado con frases en quechua, Kutu es un cuento donde destacan la perseverancia, el coraje y el amor a la familia.[]'



Kutu is a tiny Inca princess no bigger than an ear of corn. To keep her safe, away from the hungry condors and giant human feet, her parents lock her in the palace and carry her in a bag. But Kutu wishes she wasn t so small. When the city is devastated by a drought, the little girl sets out on a courageous quest to bring water back to her people. The book, with visually stunning illustrations, celebrates bravery and perseverance that matches the character of its heroine. Children will see a reflection of themselves in Kutu, and learn that even when you re small, you can make big things happen. --Crystal Ponti, freelance journalist and host of the history podcast, Historium Unearthia.

Hardcover, 40 pages