J.J. Sanchez y la turbulenta travesía del alacrán

Escrito por M.B. Brozon

Publicado por Gran travesía

Edades 9-12

Publicado 4 de marzo del 2019


After his televised adventures on Fantastic Saturday, J.J. doesn't have any money in his pockets. He knows that he is the only one ready to search for his mom, and for that, he needs a ton of courage. J.J. decides to travel to Chiapas to find her. Soon J.J. will realize how difficult it is to journey to a faraway place without more than some change in a plastic wallet, a photograph of his girlfriend, and two clues of his mom's whereabouts.



0.7" H x 8.6" L x 5.6" W (0.6 lbs) 252 pages


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