El monstruo más feo del mundo

This little monster says it´s the ugliest in the world. A second monster claims being even uglier. What happens when a third monster shows up? Could a mirror help them to decide who is the ugliest monster in the world?

Este monstruo afirma que él es el más feo del mundo. Pronto llega un segundo monstruo ¡diciendo que él es el más feo! ¿Y qué ocurre cuando llega un tercer monstruo? Quizás la mejor manera de descubrirlo es mirándose en un espejo. ¿Les ayudará a decidir quién es el monstruo más feo del mundo?

Luis Amavisca is a well-known visual artist and writer for kids in Spain. He has worked and written about equality, solidarity, environment, and non-violence. He has published several books including Princess Li and Bang Bang I Hurt the Moon, this last one being the runner-up for the Most Inspirational Children's Picture Book by the International Latino Book Awards.

Erica Salcedo studied Fine Arts at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, specializing in Graphic Design and Illustration. She has been published by numerous English, American, and Spanish publishers. In 2018 her work was selected by the Junior Library Guild.

Escrito por  Luis Amavisca 

Illustraciones de  Erica Salcedo

Publicado por Nubeocho

4 de octubre, 2021

Edades 3-6

Spanish Hardcover

0.4" H x 10.4" L x 9.9" W (1.0 lbs) 36 pages

Spanish Hardcover