DIY Printables

Want to do activities with your child that celebratesLatinx history andcultura all year long?
Booklandia has teamed up with Frances to share with you DIY activities each month.


Frances Of Discovering the World Through my Son's Eyes

Frances is a part-time blogger, mommy and wife of a beautiful multicultural familia.  Shortly before her child turned 4 yrs. old she started blogging about discovering the world through her son’s eyes, hence the name of her blog. She loves doing things with her son and became passionate about teaching him to be bilingual, and to identify with his multicultural identity. She writes about heritage, bilingualism, multicultural children’s book and global culture education with lots of hands-on activities and language learning ideas for kids.
She can be found musing at her blog Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes or on Instagram her new fave social media platform.