Super Torta!

Escrito por Eric Ramos

Publicado por Lil' Libros

Edades 4-8

Publicado 24 de marzo del 2020


Bombo loves tortas. Bombo never forgets to pack his tortas for lunch. But when he accidentally drops one of his tortas in a bucket full of radioactive goo while on a school field trip, the only person that can save the city from doom is Bombo himself!

What is a torta? A torta is the ultimate sandwich made with a baguette-style bread called bolillo. You can have a chicken torta, steak torta, cuban torta, or the classic one with ham. Whichever way you have it, you will agree it is the best sandwich west of the Mississippi!



0.4" H x 9.3" L x 11.5" W (1.1 lbs) 30 pages

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