How to Fold a Taco/Cómo doblar un taco

Written by Naibe Reynoso

Illustrated by Ana Varela

Published by Con Todo Press

Not available until November, 2020

Ages 5-8 years old


How to Fold a Taco is a delightful, irreverent and fun bilingual children’s book that uses fantastical elements such as wrestlers, dragons, magicians, dinosaurs and more to explore creative ways to fold the popular Mexican dish, the Taco. By addressing concepts such as left, right, up, down, reverse, dancing, spinning etc.

It encourages children to practice basic motor skills, coordination and active imagination. The book provides fun, easy, and imaginative exercises through engaging storytelling. There is a simple kid-friendly Taco recipe in the book as well as a paragraph explaining the history and origins of the Taco.



BOOK SIZE 10.2 x 10.2

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