El Increíble Barco del Capitán Marco

Join Marco and his crew on their amazing journey across the sea. As you read the story, you'll make your own paper ship with easy-to-follow instructions! Through his adventure, Marco's ship will be damaged. At the same time, you'll be tearing off pieces of your paper ship discovering a funny surprise in the end... the treasure of Captain Marco!

¡Únete al capitán Marco y su tripulación en su increíble viaje! Antes de comenzar a navegar, construirás tu propio barco de papel siguiendo fáciles instrucciones. Solo necesitas un folio. En esta aventura habrá accidentes y perderemos partes de nuestro barco. Después de arrancar los trozos de tu barco de papel, ¡descubrirás la sorpresa final!

Alicia Acosta is a professional storyteller from Andalusia, Spain. Using her background as a psychologist, she works with children in schools to promote a love of reading. Her book, Little Captain Jack, was a finalist for the International Latino Book Award in the Best Children's Fiction Picture Book in English.

Cecilia Moreno has worked with a large number of international publishers and has also been selected for several awards. She has won the Miami Cuatrogatos Award twice.

Escrito por Alicia Acosta

Illustrado por Cecilia Moreno

Publicado por Nubeocho

18 de mayo, 2021

Spanish Hardcover

0.4" H x 10.9" L x 10.1" W (1.2 lbs) 40 pages

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