¡Chones, Por Favor! / Undies, Please!

Motivated by new undies and Daddy's support, a relatable toddler navigates the excitement and challenges of learning to use the potty.

Sumana Seeboruth writes books inspired by the natural world and her two young children. A night owl, she is most likely to be found writing when her husband and children are fast asleep. She loves music and a noisy, happy house! Sumana is based in London, UK.

Ashleigh Corrin is an award-winning children's book illustrator and graphic designer. She recently began creating using her iPad Pro, but also enjoys paper collage, drawing pens and painting in various mediums. Ashleigh lives in Virginia with her young daughter and her husband. Visit AshleighCorrin.com.


Escrito por Sumana Seeboruth

Illustrado por Ashleigh Corrin

Publicado por Barefoot Books

Bilingual Board Book

Edades 1-4

0.7" H x 6.4" L x 6.6" W (0.75 lbs) 26 pages

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