How often will I get this box?

How often do you want it?  If you just want one get our One-Time BOX. Otherwise pick from monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.  

We ship Media Mail every weekend. If you would like Priority Shipping click on First-Class Shipping at checkout.  A few more dollars will get you the books faster.

Orders are processed between 2-5 days and then depending on delivery method 2-8 additional days.  


What's in the box?

For Booklandia Board Books, Picture Books, and Chapter Books:

Each Booklandia box has 2-3 books, hand selected to fit your reader's interests and needs plus extra Booklandia goodies.  An activity sheet is included in the Picture Books and Chapter Books Boxes.

Each box is a surprise.  It's like a birthday present each time!

Who is this box for?

Booklandia was created with both Spanish-speaking families and Spanish learner families in mind.  Being bilingual benefits not only us as individuals but our society as well.  We want families to access high quality, books with authentic stories from Latin America, Spain and the US without doing all the research.

What if you send me a book I already have?

We completely understand it happens!  Just send us a picture of both books of the same title and we will send you another book with your next box.  We only ask that you either give the book as a gift to someone else or donate it to your local Little Free Libraryor another place that would benefit.


What happens if I do not receive my order?


Unfortunately, this happens sometimes.  

Booklandia will no longer replace any missing packages if the tracking information states the package was delivered.  We know it sucks when you don't get what you ordered but we can no longer afford to resend packages at our expense. 

If you want your package secured with insurance please pay the extra shipping for Priority Mail.  We will work with you to process a new order and get a claim with the USPS.

How can I promote Booklandia?

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Read some testimonials:

 "It's been very important to me as Mother to hold on to my language and culture, I wanted to bring that to my children as part of our homeschool journey. But we were having trouble finding books that were engaging and that shared a good representation of culture and history. Our local bookstores had very limited Spanish sections and we didn't have anywhere we felt we could find books that we would be sure to enjoy until we found Booklandia.
Through Booklandia I know the books we receive will reflect the culture and language in a way that both my girls and I will enjoy. We've been really grateful for the ability to ask for exactly what we need for our current or upcoming lessons. And we've been very happy that we've been able to receive books in the indigenous languages of Mexico and South America, and that we can get a better experience of the diversity of languages and culture that we come from.
Gracias Booklandia!"
-Marhla S.

"Great job again on the new books we received. Logan loved the pop-up book about trucks so much that taking it away is a punishment. He has a special relationship with the characters in each of the books we have gotten so far. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to this month's shipment.  Thanks, Nick"


"I'm not sure who is more excited when the Booklandia package arrives - my 5 year old or me! I'm so pleased with the selection of bilingual books that are curated for our family. My daughter will be starting dual-immersion kindergarten soon and her library is already growing with beautiful books that bring wonderful Spanish stories to our lives." -Sarah C.