It's 2018!  Tips on Setting your Family Reading Goals

Instead of resolutions, how about setting goals for the new year?  You are reading this because Spanish and Bilingual children's books are part of your life.  You want your kids to read in Spanish and living in a place where English is the majority language it may be difficult.  Here are some tips to help you reach your family's reading goals.


Set 1-2 goals for the year.  If your kids are old enough to have a conversation with you, include them in creating the goals.  Whether it's the number of books you want to read each month; the genre of books; or books that are about certain issues, do it together.  Write it out and post it where you can all see and perhaps make check marks.

I really like this resource from Shop Hola Amigo, it's a chore chart but can also be used to track goals.  I use it to track my Booklandia subscribers.  (Yes, I am old school.)



Read.  Yes, I am talking to you.  You need to be reading, too.  I know it's difficult sometimes, you are a parent and there may be little time to read for pleasure.  It's a must.  I recommend short stories or poetry.  You could complete them without feeling the pressure of reading a 300-page novel.



     Here are two of my favorite picks. 







Put down the phone.  Put down the tablet.  When you go out bring all your books and read those instead.  These devices are amazing but if you want to raise a reader they need real books in their hands.  They need to find their own entertainment by going to different worlds and learning something new from what they are reading.  Reading really helps with imagination. 



Reading time is sacred.  Choose the best time for your family.  I read to my kids each day but sometimes I am exhausted at bedtime.  I prefer to do it in the morning or late afternoon.  I do homeschool my kids; I have the luxury of spending so much time with them to have these options.  Bedtime may be the only time you have.  Make it sacred.  Read to them even if they are teenagers, it doesn't have to be every day when they get older but it is great family time.



Have fun!  Make bookmarks together.  Drink chocolate caliente while reading together.  Act out scenes from books.  Dress up as your favorite characters.  Spend time in bookstores and libraries together.

Any other tips you want to share?  What has worked for your family?


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Thanks for reading.

un abrazo,


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