Día de campo en la luna

Escrito por John Hare

Publicado por Oceano Travesia

Edades 5-7

Publicado 1 de abril del 2021


It is the future, so it is not unusual for a group of elementary students to go on a trip to the Moon. They leave the space station in their school ship and disembark to play and eat their lunch on the satellite. But while the others explore and have fun on the lunar surface, there is someone who stays away from the group, drawing with her crayon box, and who will fall asleep without realizing that the ship is leaving and nobody has noticed its absence! Luckily you will soon meet some lunar beings who have great interest in their colors. And that is not the only surprise that awaits the reader.



10 x 0.4 x 9.5 inches - 48 pages

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