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Interview: Meet Lufi and Friends

by Maceo Cabrera Estevez | 23 August, 2018 |

Booklandia's Choice Reads for March: Part 1

by Maceo Cabrera Estevez | 15 March, 2018 |

We really don't need March to get us to read books by and about inspiring women at Booklandia.  Most of our books are written by Latinas. 

We still take this time to celebrate women authors and the amazing women and girls in their books!
These are some of Booklandia's choice reads for this month (stay tuned for more!)

An Alternative to Forced Kisses

by Maceo Cabrera Estevez | 28 November, 2017 |

Let's not force our kids to hug and kiss strangers and those familiar to them.  In this blog post, you will learn about a book, Ati y su caja de besos, that talks about this very issue.

Support the DREAMERS: Books on Migration

by Maceo Cabrera Estevez | 06 September, 2017 |