LIBRO: A Community Care Bingo

It's been a busy time in our household, working from home and having the kids with me 24/7 is really not a stretch because we homeschool but not having outside contact can be a strain.  Thankfully, we have technology and we can FaceTime with los abuelitos and have virtual playdates.  It seems that COVID-19 came to us so quickly and now we have to figure out how to live our lives differently.

My living room is full of boxes and books, thanks to our lovely community that wants to keep Booklandia around during this hardship.  We have to use this time to reflect more on our lives and how we can continue to be more community-minded.  That is why we are sharing with you English and Spanish bingo cards named LIBRO.  
This could be a fun activity to do with your family for the next month.  Share it with friends and family outside your home so they could participate as well.  Click on the playing cards to print out a pdf.

Come up with unique prizes that will be something to look forward to.  It could be as simple as a piece of chocolate. 

Keep us posted on how your game is going! 

We love to hear from you! (Really I do!  Reading some notes left with orders made me cry.  I have to so much love for our Booklandia community!  ¡Gracias!)




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