Let's Talk About Race Books for Kids and Parents

It has always been important to me to share representative and inclusive books with our Bilingual community. That means working with authors and illustrators who are Afro Latinx and of the African diaspora to share their books in our boxes, book sets, and pop-ups. I get asked at least once a week for a list of books by and about Afro-Latinos. The list is small, people. Not because Black people aren't writing, they aren't getting published. Self-publishing is a lot of work and money.
In the past few days I have been asked if I carry certain books, thank you for thinking of Booklandia as an anti-racist resource. I have made a list on Bookshop of books that would be of value for your personal library. Kids need to see themselves and the diversity of the world in books BUT we also need to talk about it. I know some of us have a difficult time and do not have the language to talk about race and anti-Blackness in our community. I hope I can help with that by working with anti-racist organizations and professionals to provide resources and books for you. #lasvidasnegrasimportan #blacklivesmatter
Let's Talk About Race: books for Kids and Parents

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