#LEEMOS3000 Challenge

Hello our dearest Booklandia friends,

Maceo and I have been brainstorming ways to make reading in Spanish a fun, magical, and impactful reality, that transcends generations and borders. We have been very inspired by the bilingual and multilingual community on Instagram and Facebook, and their continual creative efforts to make speaking and living “en Español” a reality. Booklandia wants to be a part of this.

Booklandia’s commitment will be to help families realize their goals of becoming more biliterate, and in turn, creating a kinder and more inclusive world.

Introducing, the#LEEMOS3000 challenge!





Throughout the month of March, we will be encouraging members of the bilingual and multilingual community to log 3000 hours reading bilingual and Spanish books as a collective.

Who can join this challenge?

This challenge is perfect for the Spanish-speaking family, the Spanish-learning family, mamis and papis, homeschoolers, unschoolers, abuelos and nietos, dual language learners, bilingual teachers, middle graders, Spanish immersion teachers, preschool teachers, high schoolers and their teachers, well… anyone (really, anyone) who wants to increase their Spanish reading abilities during this month!

How will you keep track of hours?

Reading Log Reminder

Hours will be logged into a Google form and calculated at the end of each week to show how we are progressing as a community. Find the link to submit reading hours here:


How do I participate?

Participants should be following @booklandiabox and @thisharmoniouslife on Instagram, and also be signed up for Booklandia’s newsletter. Tips, reading help, and literacy information will be shared directly with our subscribers.

Participants should repost the challenge announcement post with “¡LISTO!” We have the announcement here in English and in Spanish.

Throughout the month, participants should post photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to use the hashtags #LEEMOS3000 and #Booklandiakids to be counted officially and be a part of the community.

Any incentives?

Among active participants, at the end of the challenge, Maceo and I will draw 3 names who will win a FREE BOOKLANDIA BOX!

Of course, thereal incentive to participate is the fact that you are cultivating a deep appreciation for learning and reading in Spanish, and encouraging members of your family and community to do the same.

The challenge will run from March 1, 2019, 10:00am CST to March 31, 2019, 10:00am CST.

We are so proud of this community and know that through the magic of reading en Español, we can make our dream of biliteracy a reality.

We can’t wait to see what you are reading!


Izzie y Maceo

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